4:31 pm - Thu, Aug 7, 2014

When looking to gauge how accessible our website’s are, I tried to find a tool that would communicate the exact elements on the webpage that were considered violations. In my research, I found AChecker to be the most efficient and comprehensive of the evaluation tools provided by UsabilityGeek. It allowed me a variety of ways to provide code for evaluation, they are via URL, HTML upload or HTML code. Another important differentiating factor among other tools was that I could select which guidelines I wanted to evaluate my code against, for e.g. 508, WCAG and its level. 

The entire list of accessibility evaluation tools provided by UsabilityGeek.com can be found here

10:01 am - Fri, Jul 13, 2012

"10 in usability engineering means, for example, that you have published 20 plus papers on usability studies in major international journals such as the Journal of usability Studies (JUS). A 10 in visual design would mean that you’ve led the visual design work on something as great as the iPad user interface. A 10 in information architecture might mean that you’ve led navigation schema design at eBay. A 10 in interaction design might mean that a wizard you’ve designed gets users through the entire UK online tax return process successfully more than 90% of the time! A 6 in any of these areas means that you are qualified to undertake these roles in a major commercial context.”

11:49 am - Wed, May 23, 2012

Good to know that even brilliant and complex interfaces used in movies start on paper. 

10:03 pm - Thu, May 3, 2012

Whitney Quesenbery’s Interview [Link]

I always enjoy reading interviews that delve into professionals career journey into UX - the how, when and why are the most entertaining and educational. 

UsefulUsability did an excellent interview piece on  Whitney Quesenbery. You might be familiar with her writing in her recent book: Storytelling for User Experience: Crafting Stories for better design

I see basic UX techniques like personas, card sorting, and usability testing being taught in so many courses that it’s starting to feel like we’ve passed a tipping point of some kind. So yes, I see it continuing to grow. But, I also think they will keep evolving. For example, we’re learning how to integrate usability into the agile development approaches. And I’m seeing a wider range of methods for usability testing to meet the needs of global and mobile projects. The world doesn’t sit still: we can’t either.”

[ Link: Whitney Quesenbery’s Interview ]

10:03 pm - Mon, Apr 23, 2012

I was looking for a resource to guide me through redesigning a website and what the overall process would look like to see how/where actual designing would fit. Smashing magazine’s article on web design process is exactly what I was looking for, its detailed and covers all the basis. 

10:02 pm - Fri, Apr 20, 2012

Unique idea on how multiple devices (iPhone > Laptop) can interact and transfer content without physical connections. 

7:00 pm - Tue, Apr 17, 2012

Using paper prototyping to develop new gestures when designing mobile interactions. Helps discover variety of possible gestures that can be utilized. On the list to experiment with on my next mobile app design.

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